FINASTERIDE (Generic Propecia) 1mg x 168 (6 months)

FINASTERIDE (Generic Propecia) 1mg x 168 (6 months)



 (Finasteride) is an oral medication to treat hair loss.

Each tablet contains 1mg Finasteride (the same active ingredient that is in Propecia)

Finasteride must NOT be taken by WOMEN, or if you are a man actively planning a family.

One tablet is taken each day. You may need to take Finasteride daily for three months or more to see visible results. Finasteride may not regrow all your hair, and if you stop using this product, you will gradually lose the hair you have gained.

For more information:

P.I.L (Patient Information Leaflet)

You are advised to read the product label together with any information enclosed in the packaging each time before using this product.


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